What is the relationship between preferences and requirements?

Preferences are one of the few central concepts in mainstream economic approaches to  decision-making and problem-solving. Interestingly enough, they were – to the best of my knowledge – absent from requirements engineering, at least up to the proposal Mylopoulos, Faulkner, and I made in 2008 [1]. Let’s recall what is usually meant by “preference”: “Preferences […]

Are requirements predictions?

If you wondered what requirements are, here is what Zave and Jackson say in a classical paper [1]: “From this perspective, all statements made in the course of requirements engineering are statements about the environment. The primary distinction necessary for requirements engineering is captured by two grammatical moods. Statements in the “indicative” mood describe the […]

Why are requirements so interesting?

Working on requirements means working on other people’s predictions of their own future preferences, of others’ future preferences, and of future situations in which these preferences realize. When someone says something as simple as “the system should do this, instead of that”, which looks like a requirement, this is only the tip of an iceberg. […]