Research Outline

I am interested in how knowledge is made and used during innovation. What do people do, to deal with a new complicated problem? When they do not know it well enough, and nothing they know seems to fit. How do they think about data, information, choices? What do they conclude from those they come across? How do they decide whether to put in more effort and look further? How do they decide where to look? And when they find data, information, and other kinds of intangibles, how do they represent them? How does representation influence coordination, when the individual cannot understand or solve the problem alone? Why? How does that move them further in innovation, and closer to a solution? And if the solution involves complex software and hardware, what do we let these do, and what stays the responsibility of people who use them? What if such systems have unpredictable behavior by design, i.e., if they have some autonomy of choice, and are capable of adapting to the changing environment?

These are complicated questions, with a long history of being studied from different angles in different fields. See the longer research statement on what I specifically do as research, and why.